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How to book "Securely"

Online market places can be targeted by people who want to take advantage of others, and this website is no different. We have introduced some new trust and security features throughout our sites. You must follow the below Guide Lines when making a either making or taking a booking and you’ll benefit from greater peace of mind.

Advertisers Guide Lines

Accuracy of Advert
As the advertiser of your property/properties it is solely your responsibility to ensure that the description, photographs etc are accurately displayed and that the copy is kept up to date in particular with facilities no longer being available or have been with drawn. We can not be held responible
Use a Booking Form
Always insist on recieving a signed booking form
We must show the names and numbers and ages in the party, the home address and telephone number of the Lead name.
an example "Booking Form" is found here {Booking Form}
Programs to crack passwords or read them from the network are readily available so you should change your password regularly and always after you have used your password on another computer. In particular, be cautious of attempts to "steal” be wary of malicious emails, instant messages and chat that request your password, including via web links. Holiday Villa Reneters will never ask you for your password.This trick is known as "phishing" (i.e. password fishing). If you think your password may have been discovered, then change it immediately. Remember your password should be like your toothbrush do not share it and you change it regularly

Renters Guide Lines

Safe Payment Methods
Always use recommended payment methods such as credit card, cheque, PayPal or bank-to-bank transfer. Before sending payment, you should always call the telephone number on the listing and speak with the owner or Property Manager to confirm your reservation and payment details. If no phone number is listed, please contact us immediately as we insisit that all advertisers list a phone number.  Never pay by cash or instant money transfer services such as Western Union or Moneygram. These payment methods are highly susceptible to fraudulent activity and not be eligible for protection guarantees offered by Holiday Villa Renters.
Get to know the property owner or manager.
Call the owner and ask questions about the property such as how long they have owned it, and request references from past guests. You should also request a rental agreement, or if the owner or manager does not use rental agreements, ask for a printed list of your obligations as a renter.
ask for the contact details of his Proprty Managers, maintenace company or Travel or Estate Agency that look after the property.
How to handle issues with owners
We recommend speaking with the owner directly to try to resolve any issues. If the issue is more serious or hasn’t been resolved after speaking with the owner or manager, please register your complaint with us - we take all complaints seriously.
Fraudulent Listings
Be on the lookout for “too good to be true” deals, significantly lower rates than similar properties in the area, poor grammar and anything else which seems unusual as compared to other listings. If you are concerned about any listings, we encourage you to contact us. Be aware that property advertisers or managers may be victims of identity theft.
Our owners and managers can communicate with travellers through email providers and systems outside of Holiday Villa Renters security firewalls. These external systems create the potential for secondary phishing to occur. Secondary phishing is when a criminal takes over an owner’s or manager’s email account. Once the phisher has control over their account, the phisher impersonates the owner or manager and convinces travellers to send money to the phisher’s account rather than to the owner or manager. To protect yourself from secondary phishing, always phone the published telephone number on the Holiday Villa Renters "Contact Us" page. listing to confirm your reservation dates and payment details before paying. If no phone number is listed, (tell us first) and then please do not book with that owner as we insist that all advertisers list a contact telephone number.
Be aware
Of special offers made to you such as discounts if you pay the full amount at the time of booking.
Basically any offer that tries to get you to pay the balance early such as free Daily Maid service, free Airport and Station transfers.
Be on the lookout for changes in the email address and bad grammer.
Basically any offer that tries to get you to pay the balance early.
It is vital that you always speak to the advertiser on the telephone, ask them questions about the property and he general are.
There are insurance schemes available to protect you from fraudulant listings.

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Late Availability

Check out our wonderful late deals that are sure to please you. Remember all prices are in Euros


Check out our wonderful late deals that are sure to please you. Remember all prices are in Euros

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