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Sample Conditions of Booking

Please feel free to copy and paste these guidlines

When you book with {your name} we want you to be totally satisfied with the arrangements so that you will book with us again in the future. We act only as a booking service provider for the owners of the properties advertised on this web site. We only provide a booking service so, as such, your contract is with the property owner and any liability is between you the client and the property owner. To avoid misunderstandings you should be in no doubt as to the commitments we have to you and, in turn, the obligations you have to us. Listed below are a number of important points which we would like you to read carefully. None of the terms or conditions are intended to contravene or contradict "The Package Travel Regulations 1992 or The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999".

This booking is subject to the following conditions:-

This is a binding contract between the property owner and the nominated party leader, and every adult member of the holiday party.
1. Deposit and Security Bond
A deposit of 25% (non refundable) is payable for the agreed booking period. The balance of the rental is due not less than eight weeks prior to the start of the holiday unless late booking conditions have been agreed. A refundable Security Bond of £200 is also payable with the Balance. This will be refunded in full subject to a satisfactory departure check. Failure to pay the Balance in full and the Security Bond will constitute a cancellation of the holiday by the holidaymaker. Reminders are not issued.
2. Cancellations
Cancellations of the booking by the holidaymaker should be made in writing. If the reason for the cancellation is illness, or other extreme unavoidable cause, the owners will repay, excluding the deposits, the following amounts.
a, 29 to 56 days before the holiday date – 50% of the rental
b, 15 to 28 days before the holiday date – 25% of the rental
c, 2 to 14 days before the holiday date – 10% of the rental
d, Less than 48 hours before the holiday date – 0% of the rental
e, Where there is no qualifying reason for a refund, such as illness, no refund will be made. However under exceptional circumstances we may allow deposits to be carried forward against suitable alternative holiday date.
3. Behaviour
We reserve the right to refuse a booking or terminate your holiday and levy full cancellation charges in the event of irrational conduct which is likely to cause anxiety, annoyance, harm or danger to other holidaymakers. The property owner is also entitled to ask the holiday maker to leave the property with out any refund if in his/her opinion the behaviour of the holidaymaker and/or the holidaymakers party is unacceptable.
4. The Property
While every care is taken to provide an accurate description of the property, from time to time there may be alterations made. Some amenities and facilities require cleaning, servicing or may suffer mechanical failure at times, and other unforeseeable factors beyond the control of the supplier may affect their availability from time to time .i.e. swimming pool cleaning. The property owner accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any accident in its properties, their grounds or swimming pools. Children MUST be supervised at all times. Some facilities may be removed without our knowledge.
5. Force Majeure
The property owner will endeavour to make sure that the stated property is available for the dates contracted. In the event, however, of fire or flood damage, for instance, the owner will endeavour to find a suitable alternative accommodation. If the cost of this accommodation is higher, the owner will be jointly responsible with the holidaymaker for the price difference. If a suitable property cannot be found, the holidaymaker is entitled to a complete refund.
6. Occupancy
The number of persons using the property must not exceed the numbers agreed and the Property owner cannot accept more people than the maximum number advertised. If it is found that more people than agreed are using the property, this will be considered, as a breach of contract and the holidaymakers will be asked to leave immediately with out any refund. Pets are normally NOT allowed, however, Pets are allowed in the property subject to the property owner’s agreement and they have full certification as required by French Law. The holidaymaker should ascertain these requirements for himself. The property owner may require sight of such documentation. The type and numbers of pets must not exceed what is declared at the time of booking, otherwise a breach of contract will be deemed to have taken place. Holidaymakers are liable for all damage caused by their pets and are requested to remove all traces inside and out of pet occupation before leaving the property. A charge will be made for any additional cleaning required. Pets are not allowed not allowed on chairs, beds or any other furniture or near play or swimming pool areas. Pets must at no time be left on their own in the holiday accommodation. The property owner is not responsible for any accident or injury occurring to the pet during the holiday period.
7. Arrival Times
Arrival time should be no earlier 16:00 on the start date and the holiday accommodation should be vacated by 10:00 on the departure date. It is the responsibility of the holidaymaker to arrange key collection at least 48 hours before the arrival date. The property owner cannot be held responsible for any changes in travel arrangements, which are beyond his control. Responsibility is limited for events which are reasonably beyond our control and unforeseeable. Examples of such events could include traffic or road conditions, unavoidable technical or mechanical transport problems, epidemic outbreaks, weather conditions, disputes, fuel shortages and fire.
8. Cleanliness
The holidaymakers should keep the property and all furniture, fittings and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the holiday. The property should also be left in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. The holidaymaker will be responsible for all damage or loss of contents during the occupation and is also responsible for paying appropriate compensation to the property owner. Where holidaymakers abuse property they will be responsible for making full restitution for the damage. Smoking is not permitted in any of the properties and guests who do will be charged a fee of 250€ for the deep cleaning of the property.
9. Problems
It is the owner’s utmost concern that the holidaymaker has a pleasant stay. It is up to the holidaymaker to make any problem known to the owner immediately it becomes apparent so the property owner has an opportunity to correct the situation. Unless this procedure is followed no claim can be accepted. It also must be accepted by the holidaymaker that there are times when professionals cannot immediately be found to rectify a problem. The owner will, however, do his best to rectify problems as soon as is reasonably possible. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered you must contact us in writing after returning home. In the event that you do not tell us within 28 days after returning home any claim will not be entertained.. Holiday Villa Renters has no control over other clients staying in the holiday centres during our operating periods and we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or disturbance caused to our holidaymakers by any other guest or guests staying during the same period.
10. Disabled Holidaymakers
We welcome disabled holidaymakers, but some properties may not be suitable, in our opinion, for your particular disability. Please ensure that the full extent of your disability is written on the front of your booking form or alternatively in a covering letter. Please also ensure that confirmation of your disability has been acknowledged. If we are not informed of any disabilities in this way we cannot be held responsible for any cost or inconvenience incurred. Should you cancel or terminate your holiday due to these reasons full cancellation charges will apply.
11. Important notice regarding information on our Web site.
Unfortunately, it is inevitable that some of the details contained on this website may have changed since the information was uploaded. We will, inform you of any material changes to any of the relevant details when you book, either with your travel agent or with ourselves, as part of our commitment to quality customer service.
12. Travel outside the UK
Your holiday will involve travel outside of the UK and if you are a British citizen then you must bring your passport with you. If you are not a British citizen you should check whether you require a visa. Holiday Villa Renters cannot be held responsible for any passenger travelling without proper documentation. If the Holiday involves travel outside the UK you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card. This will ensure that you can obtain medical treatment if you become ill. You can obtain an EHI Card from the Department of Health on-line or by telephone. Your local Post Office has application forms or you can apply online at or call 0845 606 2030. Photographic proof of identity - such as a passport or the photographic driving license - is now required for ALL holidays that include air travel. It is your responsibility to obtain correct documentation to travel and full cancellation charges will be levied if you fail to do so.
13. Insurance
Due to the requirements of property owners’ insurance in Europe it is mandatory that clients have adequate holiday insurance covering all members of their party, including personal liability cover. This covers damage or injury that The Client’s party members may cause to a third party or to their property. In France, this is not normally covered by the property owners’ insurance. We recommend you have adequate travel insurance in place and advise holidaymakers to carry a Form E111 of EHIC plus explanatory leaflets SA40 & SA41 which are obtainable from most Travel Agents or Post Offices.
14. Acceptance
Should the holidaymaker not wish to accept the above terms and conditions, he should write to us or the property owner within two weeks of the deposit being paid, in which case a full refund will be made. If such a request is not made within two weeks it will be deemed that the holidaymaker has accepted the above terms and conditions.
We Will
1. Provide you with the property to live in for the tenancy period
2. Maintain and service the property when necessary, on reasonable notice
3. Clean the property and launder the linen weekly
4. Pay for the gas, electricity, water, TV licence and local taxes
5. Refund your deposit when you leave unless you have not paid all the rent
6. Allow you to quietly and peacefully enjoy your stay
You Will
1. Pay the rent in advance and in full
2. Keep the property in a good condition and repair and immediately tell us if anything gets broken or damaged
3. Use the property in a tenant like manner
4. Allow us access to the Property with others to inspect, maintain and repair the Property however we feel necessary
5. Not remove from the Property any of the furniture or effects
6. Repair or replace the Property or the contents if you damage them , or pay us to do so instead
7. Return the property and the contents to us in exactly the same condition as they were when this agreement began and not alter the Property in any way
8. Not assign, underlet charge or part with or share possession or occupation of the Property or any part
9. Only use the Property as a private residence for your self and your immediate family
10. Not have any additional keys made for any locks without our prior written consent and if any such keys are made to hand them over to the us on request
11. Not do or allow any act or thing which may be a nuisance or annoyance to us or the occupiers of any of the premises at Moulin de la Mer
12. Not to keep animals whatsoever in the Property
13. Pay in full any costs we incur due to any breach by you of this agreement whatsoever
Provided always the following is agreed between us.
1. If you pay any amount of rent more than 7 days late, whether we ask for it or not if you break any other part of this agreement we may terminate this tenancy immediately by re-entering the Property without prejudice to any other remedy we may have.
2. We will keep the Deposit or Credit Card imprint as security for your obligations contained in this agreement in addition to any other rights we have.
3. After the Tenancy ends we will keep all or part of the deposit as we feel necessary to remedy any breaches of yours.
4. This agreement shall be governed by English Law and the parties hereto agree to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. This is a binding contract between the property owner and the nominated party leader, and every adult member of the holiday party.

All the above is for you to use how you choose but they are only meant as a guidline.

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